Almost D-Day!

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There we go, 3 days left until take-off. The pressure keeps increasing and we are ticking our to-do list as fast as we can. Days seem too short to do everything but we somehow manage to keep up with the tough rythmn we had set ourselves.


The car is now ready to go. We have removed the back seats and put in their place a metal trunk that we screwed from inside to the chassis so that no one can remove it. In it we shall put our personal belongings and lock it whenever we leave the car alone. Alongside that we have also thrown together a small light above the driver's head and a cigar-lighter under the radio (that we knocked up a few months earlier) so that we can charge our mobile and the camera we will take with us. Quite some fiddling I must say! We have also bought some tools of our own and a petrol can in order to have a 20L reserve at all times.


With all our documents ready, my international driver's licence in the pocket since Manu already had his, we seem almost ready to go. We are now gathering our personal things for the trip and putting together the pharmacy that we will take on board with us. It is just fascinating how much stuff you would like to take with you for a 6-months trip. Unfortunately weight is one of our main enemy in this car adventure. Hence we have to ration ourselves in this area. Only 4 T-shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, a few boxers and socks, that's pretty much it! I can't help myself from also taking a few books. Add that to the food reserve we are taking, plus the spare parts and tools and it looks like the car is already full. We are going to have to make some serious choices as with so much stuff we will never manage to take the car along those 30 to 40 000 km of this what-looks-to-be-an-amazing-trip-if we-are-able-to-make-it-back-home!


Anyhow, departure is now very close but yet very far in our minds as we cannot realize that we are actually leaving in 3 days! More news to come soon, do leave your comments on the blog...



Alex and Manu 


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