D-30: The final 5 weeks!

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Hi everyone!


For our first article in English, I will update you on our situation 5 weeks ahead of the fixed departure date of February 6th. Both of us have finally come back from our travels (5 months in Brazil for Emmanuel et 5 months in China for Alexandre), spent Christmas with our families, and we are now fully focused on the final preparations of our big adventure.


The first step was to bring back the 2CV from the remote place where it had spent the winter times, a small city in the region of Bretagne, western France. In the middle of a very cold and snowy winter, the car was very difficult to start again despite having been protected in a closed garage. It took us a few hours to start the engine and have the car up and running again.The  trip back to Paris was quite something as well. It took us 8 hours and 30 minutes to travel 500 km, mostly in the night and in the freezing cold. During the final 3 hours of the trip the car would not go above 60 km/h and we honestly thought we might not make it home! But our old car was brave enough to take us to our homes, arriving late after midnight in the sleepy town of Croissy sur Seine close to Paris.


We are now concentrating on deciding the final itinerary of our adventure since we had to cancel our plans to go through western Africa due to the hostility of Al-Quaida in the Maghreb. We are also gathering all the things that we intend to take with us on this trip. The list is endless and we are wondering how everything will fit inside our small 2CV. The time will come when we will have to make very tough choices! Alongside all that we are also gathering the medecines that we wish to give out to a local clinic in northern Africa. The drugstores of our town have decided to help us in this process, a big thank you to them. Last but not least, we are in the process of getting the crucial visas that we will not be able to obtain during the trip itself, for countries such as Libya, Turkmenistan, Russia... Let me tell you that this is no easy task!


Well that is all for now, we will keep you updated regularly before we leave on this adventure that we hope you will be numerous to follow.

In the meantime we wish you all the best for 2011!



Emmanuel and Alexandre

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