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D-Day like Departure Day. D-Day like Don't-freak-out-even-though-it-is-the-start-of-an-amazing-trip-Day. 

After gathering with family and friends, roughly 50 people I would say, we left the Eiffel Tower on Sunday the 13th at 14h to head down south. Leaving everyone was hard I must say, even though Manu and I where really excited we had a tough time straight after the departure. That was it. We were gone. For 6 months. No turning back from that point on. A year and a half of preparations finally ended (finally, I started to be unbearable by the last week!!) and we were now moving on to do this big trip. Our first day was really nice, the car was a pleasure to drive and we arrived at our first destination in central France by late evening. The next day we headed further south to meet another friend of ours where we did some work on the car. On Tuesday we left again for 300 more kilometres. There our first real issue occured. Our hood tore away whilst we were driving on the freeway! We had to turn back and get an old one from a friend of a friend. In the end we only lost 2 hours with this! We were quite lucky I must say. None of the both us had believed that straight after it happened. Eventually we arrived at our third destination. By that time we had reached southern France, the place where there is only sunshine and warm temperatures. Which was true as we visited the lovely city of Avignon on Wednesday morning. We had to move on in the afternoon to reach our last destination in France, close to Nice (Marseille, maybe Monaco??). We arrived there after a 6 hours drive, quite tired but really glad to have crossed France without any mecanical issue and following the set schedule.

Next destination: Italy!

Pictures can be checked out with the photo albums available on the right hand side of the blog.


Take care everyone!



Alex and Emmanuel

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Vianney 28/02/2011 16:31

Grande classe le panneau numérique spécial pour vous !