Two weeks to departure

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For our second article in English (alongside the left hand side categories that have been translated for the most part) we'll update you on the last few weeks that have gone by and on what awaits us before the departure.


January was indeed a very busy month as we had to deal with many, many, many things. To start with we had to do some serious work on the car as the trip back from Bretagne had shown us some weaknesses and raised the necessity of a thorough check up. This took us three weeks among which we had quite a few failures. At two occasions we even had to abandon the car in the middle of Paris for the night! Let me tell you that we were not pleased at all and quite worried we would not see our car the next morning knowing how easy it is to steal a Citroen 2CV. Nonetheless we slowly fixed all the problems that came up and ended up with a perfectly functionning car a few days ago. Fingers crossed that it remains that way for the rest of the trip!


Alongside the mecanical side of things, we had to focus on getting some very important documents for our trip. We were not helped by a few stubborn embassies in Paris which did not prove very helpful to gather information and prepare our visas. Knowing our odd situation of travelling from one country to another, our case proves to be different from their usual BAU (Business As Usual) and therefore involves some long hours on the telephone to understand what is required from us.


Another part of our preparation was to monitor closely the situation in Northern Africa. At the time where I am writing this article, we still do not know what will be our final itinerary. Even though the situation gets better in Tunisia, it worsens in Egypt. Hence we have prepared a plan B (or C considering the first change a few weeks back...) that would take us directly to Turkey through the Balkans. We would then head south to Jordania through Syria and Liban and then come back up to Turkey on to Georgia, Armenia, Iran, the Republics of "Stan", Russia, Ukraine... Our decision should be taken within the days to come.


In the meantime we have decided to set the departure date to February 13th at 12h from the Champs de Mars in Paris, just behind the Eiffel Tower. Anyone interested is more than welcome to come over!



Alexandre and Emmanuel

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Emeric Levesque 31/01/2011 18:12

Bonjour Alex et Manu !!

C'est un plaisir de vous avoir rencontré lors du retour de Bucéphale à Paris samedi dernier ...

Très bonne année 2011 pleine de réussite,

et bonne route ! ! !

A bientôt,

Emeric Levesque